Polyethylene Wax YL-105

model Melting point ℃ DensityG/CC Viscosity Acid value MG KOH/G Appearance 
YL-105 105±5 0.91 400 / powder/granule

Polyethylene Wax YL-105 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax, which can be used to prepare various plastic products, such as masterbatch, PVC processing, pipe fittings, wire and cable and film. It has the following advantages:

1. Good plasticizing performance: Polyethylene Wax YL-105 can increase the flexibility and toughness of plastics, improve their processing performance and durability.

2. Good dispersion: Polyethylene Wax YL-105 can be quickly and evenly dispersed in the plastic matrix, improving the quality and stability of masterbatches and plastic products.

3. Reduce the amount of heat stabilizer: Polyethylene Wax YL-105 can reduce the amount of heat stabilizer used, thereby reducing production costs.

The new polyethylene wax of yunlian technology refers to the polyethylene wax product after high-temperature refining and refining treatment. compared with recycled polyethylene wax, new polyethylene wax has higher purity, lower impurity content, and better physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used in some high-end application fields.