Polyethylene Wax YL-608

Polyethylene Wax YL-608
There are several necessary conditions in the selection of polyethylene wax: high thermal stability, appropriate molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, and strong dispersion ability.
model Melting point ℃ DensityG/CC Viscosity Acid value MG KOH/G Appearance
YL-608 105±5 0.92 <50 / powder/granule

1. Good Flowability: Due to its low viscosity, YL-608 is easy to flow and coat, allowing it to evenly distribute and cover surfaces in applications such as coatings and inks.

2. Excellent Sealing Properties: YL-608, with its higher density, can form an effective sealing layer, providing good waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof performance, protecting substrates from external environmental damage.

3. Outstanding Thermal Stability: YL-608 with a higher melting point can maintain stability at high temperatures, reducing the likelihood of flow or decomposition, thus exhibiting good performance in high-temperature environments.

4. Provides Excellent Gloss and Wear Resistance: YL-608 can provide a smooth gloss to surfaces and enhance their wear resistance, thereby prolonging the product's service life.

5. Strong Controllability: With a wide range of melting points, YL-608 can be adjusted to desired softening points to meet various application requirements.

Polyethylene Wax YL-608  is a high molecular weight polyethylene wax commonly used in the preparation of various plastic products, such as color masterbatch, PVC processing, pipe fittings, wire and cable and film.