Polyethylene Wax YL-129

Polyethylene Wax YL-129
model Melting point ℃ DensityG/CC viscosity Appearance
YL-129 105±5 0.92 600 powder/prill
It has the following advantages:

1. Improve the mechanical properties of plastic products: Polyethylene Wax YL-129 can improve the strength, toughness and durability of plastic products, thereby prolonging the service life.

2. Good thermal stability: Polyethylene Wax YL-129 can improve the heat resistance of plastic products so that it can maintain good performance in high temperature environments.

3. Good plasticizing properties: Polyethylene Wax YL-129 can increase the flexibility and toughness of plastics
Polyethylene Wax YL-129 is a high molecular weight polyethylene wax commonly used in the preparation of various plastic products, such as color masterbatch, PVC processing, pipe fittings, wire and cable and film.The addition of polyethylene wax to the color masterbatch strengthens the wetting and penetration of carbon black aggregates, reduces its particle size through shear force, improves the compatibility between the system and carbon black, and is conducive to dispersion